Concrete Tile Roofer in Mission

Due to their strength and aesthetic appeal, concrete tile roofs are growing in popularity among homeowners. It is a layer of your roof that is water-resistant and is formed of cement, sand, and water blended into tiles that are molded and heated together.

One of the most reputable roofers in Mission, Texas is McAllen Valley Roofing Co., with vast experience in all types of roofs, including clay tile and concrete tile roofing systems.

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Benefits of Concrete Tile Roofing Systems

  • Durability: Extreme weather, such as strong winds, hailstorms, and low temperatures, are no match for concrete tile roofs.
  • Energy Efficiency: Natural insulating qualities found in concrete tiles contribute to lower energy expenses.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Concrete tiles are available in a variety of hues and patterns, making them the ideal choice for any architectural design.
  • Environmentally Friendly: At the end of their useful lives, concrete tiles can be recycled because they are made of eco-friendly components.

Concrete Tile Roof Installation Experts

It takes skill to install concrete tile roofs, so you must work with a qualified roofing contractor. At McAllen Valley Roofing Co., we offer and install concrete tile roofing from Boral and Crown.

You will have a large selection of concrete roofing tiles from these manufacturers, so you can be sure to find something that will meet any unique needs and styles.

Concrete tiles that mimic wood shingles, clay tiles, stone, slate, or other roofing materials are also available. This enables you to keep your concrete tile roof while incorporating different roofing styles and aesthetics.

Cost of Concrete Tile Roofs

Concrete tile roof prices vary depending on a number of elements, such as the size of the roof, the installation’s difficulty, and the kind of tiles utilized. Concrete tile roofs typically cost more than other types of roofs, but they provide higher durability and aesthetic appeal.

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